The origin of watermelon?

The origin of watermelon?

1. Watermelon's native place is in Africa. It was originally a wild plant of calabash family, and then it was artificially cultivated to become an edible watermelon. As early as four thousand years ago, Egyptians planted watermelon, and then gradually moved north, initially from the Mediterranean coast to northern Europe, and then south into the Middle East, India and other places, four to five centuries, by the Western regions into China, so it is called "watermelon".

The origin of watermelon?

2. It is speculated that it was introduced into China by the "Maritime Silk Road". Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty had sent "translator long", to collect merchants and people, carrying silk, by sea ship to the western countries "city pearl, bi displaced, strange stones, foreign bodies.

3, sea-going ships sail from leizhou peninsula, along the beibu gulf coastal navigation, the west bank and Vietnam around south Vietnam Jin Oujiao, again along the Siam rowan, along the coast of the Malay peninsula south, arrived in Singapore, and turning west, across the strait of malacca, along the bay of Bengal to have not the process, the translation of "han make since then also yi" (" han · geography "); This sea route is the so-called Maritime Silk Road.